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Evolve Impressions – PAX Gameplay

on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 | By Eric Hoff

  From the moment I laid eyes on the first trailer for Evolve I became hooked on the game. Four soldiers teaming up to take on one huge player powered beast is something new and exciting to the genre. Along with a few members of our SteamFirst team attending PAX last week, my friend Drift0r also attended the event. There he played and recorded his gameplay from Evolve....

Humble Bundle Weekly Presented By Devolver Featuring Tower of Guns

on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 | By Eric Hoff

Humble Bundle has just launched their latest weekly bundle deal featuring 7 titles which you should definitely check out presented by Devolver. The highlight here is Tower of Guns which we recently reviewed here on SteamFirst. Check below for a full list of what is included in the bundle. Pay $1 or more and receive:  The Real Texas Cryptic Sea EP Dungeon Hearts Pay $6 or...

Dungeonland Review: A Trip to an RPG Theme Park

on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 | By Eric Hoff

The following review was originally posted on GameNTrain and is written by Luke Siuty, who currently doesn’t write for SteamFirst.  Dungeonland uses the traditional RPG conventions as much as it makes fun of them. Choosing either the slanky Rogue, the overweight Mage, or the sturdy Warrior, the trio cooperates in slaying bulky orcs, toon dragons, and tiny wizards. This...

Geekbench 3 – Impressions

on Wed, Apr 16, 2014 | By Rich Garner

Curious to see how your custom build rig measures up to industry standards? Like random numbers? If ‘yes,’ then take a look at Geekbench 3, Primate Labs’ handy utility that runs detailed tests of your computer’s processing power. The description claims that Geekbench 3 “makes benchmarks easy to run and easy to understand,” yet after running...

SteamFirst Screenshot Game: episode 8

on Wed, Apr 16, 2014 | By Eric Hoff

Eight weeks into the SteamFirst screenshot feature, and this week I have a screen from a bit more of a personal level. The idea of this game is simple. Look at the screenshot below and try to figure out what game it comes from. Be sure to share your answer in the comments section below. In 24 hours, I will share the answer within this post. So it’s that time. Look at...

99 Levels To Hell (Review)-99 Ways to Die

on Wed, Apr 16, 2014 | By J.M. Bohn

  Creativity is a very important trait when building anything for entertainment. People want to see and do things they have not done before. It can also be an iterative process, with people fine tuning previous ideas. Sometimes, though, creativity can go out the window and still manage to land on something worthwhile. 99 Levels To Hell is one of those times. Released to Steam...

Zoom Player Steam Edition – Review

main image ZOOM
on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | By Dwight Coake

Zoom Player Steam Edition is a media player from the great minds of Inmatrix Media Solutions that was released April 4th on Steam for $29.99.  This, in a nutshell, is a program that can play any type of media on your PC.  From DVDs, CDs, downloaded content….pretty much any thing you want to view or listen to. What can it play? Basically, it can play everything!  I...

Catlateral Damage- PAX East Pre-mew

on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | By J.M. Bohn

I never would have thought of the concept behind Chris Chung’s Catlateral Damage but once I learned that it existed, it makes perfect sense. Kudos to him for creating this unity engine based simulator. You take control of a typical house cat from the first person point of view. The idea is to jump from shelf to shelf knocking all of your human’s possessions to...

Steam Weeklong Deals for the Week of April 14th

Weeklong deals
on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | By Jared Gooch

Here is your list of Steam Weeklong Deals for the week of April 14th, 2014. Awesome – Teddy Ayla $1.24 liteCam Game: 100 FPS Game Capture $22.49 Airline Tycoon 2 $4.99 Ceville $2.49 Space Rangers HD: A War Apart $12.49 AquaNox $1.24 Horizon $20.09 Naval Warfare $0.79 A Walk in the Dark $3.49 Governor of Poker 2 $2.49 Two Worlds II Castle Defense $1.49 Metronom ME 146...

Chasm- PAX East Preview

on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | By J.M. Bohn

Metroidvania has become a very common style of game. With Guacamelee, La Mulana, and the like, those of us who enjoy this style are not left wanting for choice. Discord Game’s Chasm is gearing up to add to this list, and I could not be happier. Shooting for an August release, this high-end 8-bit style game is ready to eat your time. You start off in a small town outside...