It is now official; we will be hearing from the folks at Valve during CES 2014 at 8pm EST tomorrow night, January 6th.  You can guarantee they will be taking the full lid off everything Steam Machine, we will probably hear more about their new controller and how it all works, as well as possible VR gear (think Oculus Rift).  It will be tough to sleep tonight… Is anyone else excited and ready?

Update: Updated info here

  • Eric Hoff

    I can’t wait personally. It’s going to be an exciting night for all Steam / Valve fans.

  • Javinator

    I wonder if they’ll announce Year of Luigi for steam

  • xalener

    Can’t wait to see more on the Gabecube

  • Aldridge

    Livestream anywhere??

  • Valiant

    oh gaben bless us with your presence

  • Dodge Pribyl

    Are you guys gonna be streaming the conference?

    • Bryan

      We will be posting up all info as we get it :)