Halo 2 and Halo 3 Appear as Official Steam Groups – Games to Follow?

Posted on by Eric Hoff


Earlier today, Halo 2 and Halo 3 were spotted as Official Steam Community Groups within the Steam network. We already know that official groups can only be created by Valve, so we ask ourselves, what does this mean? We already discussed a few days ago the entrance of Halo Spartan Assault on the market which our author felt was a sign of things to come. A few days later Microsoft made a statement that they did not plan to bring more Halo titles to Steam. Now we know that not planning and not doing are two totally different things.

As we see the appearance of both Halo 2 and Halo 3 in the groups section of Steam we tend to think that Microsoft may want to sell more copies of their classic fan favorite Halo titles.  It is a fact that if Halo 2 and Halo 3 came over to Steam there would be a huge amount of games sold. Halo offers one of the best story / campaigns of all time coupled with one of the top multiplayer experiences around. Lets hope that our discovery / hunch is correct here and that we will see some of our favorite Halo titles available on the Steam marketplace sometime soon.

Would you buy Halo 2 or Halo 3 if they appeared on the Steam market?



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  • Btoum Roumada

    Mmmmmh not for more than 5e each.

  • qqq

    “Halo offers one of the best story / campaigns of all time coupled with one of the top multiplayer experiences around.”

    rofl Oh brother, you’re really funny. Best and Halo only belong in the same sentence if you want to point out what Halo is not.

    • 34t5

      so edgy u so smrt!

    • jim

      lol youve never played halo eh?

    • Don Tusk

      clearly never played halo, i bet my pancake this is a sony pony.

  • dapaintrain

    There was a rumor that halo 1 2 and 3 were coming to steam nag halo 2 was coming to ios back in July last year nothing ever materialized until seeing this.
    But also ms said that no more halo games would appear on steam after spartan Assualt

    Shame if like to play 3 maxed out the 360 version wasn’t the best graphically and became dated pretty quickly.

    The rumor at the time last July was strictly 1-3 no 2nd trilogy so it meant 4 wouldn’t be ported

  • 343N

    These groups were added

  • Doomlord

    The only record time I would ever give money to Microsoft is for Halo on Steam.

  • 343N

    These groups were added back in February of 2013, this is not new news.

  • William Stephens

    Apparently these groups have actually been around since early 2013, but were then made hidden only to be made semi-public recently (in that you can see them, but not actually go to them).

    • Kyle Cowart

      You have to get invited in which so many people have been getting into the group. there are several groups with the sole interest in inviting people into these Halo Groups
      The Halo 3 group is about 2,000 now

  • Jake

    Yes yes a million times yes!

  • malek

    of cause i will buy it i would spend about 30$ for Halo 3 because live is free



  • Some dude

    Microsoft Owns the Franchise they own The console its on Are people just fucking born stupid? their never putting it on pc not even the HD remastered of 1-4 thats a Xbox one exclusive they shut down halo 2’s pc servers because only 20 people still played it they aren’t putting one of their biggest Money makers on a Competitor service
    And even if it would become available for pc i can god damn Guarantee that it would be Retail only from Select Microsoft stores
    i bet people didn’t know Microsoft had Stores just like apple does

    • DevilBlackDeath

      Hmmmmm what to say ? They’ve put Hall Spartan Assault, and they own the entire franchise, so they could have prevented it even if they’re not the developer. And they’re still the publisher so THEY decide where it’s sold :) So well your argument doesn’t stand. Plus Halo 2 was left aside because if its (and it had the reputation) crappy netcode, and to date Halo 2 is considered by many the worst Halo in the original trilogy so… Plus it would be strategic to sell it on Steam. Why? Well because Steam is the biggest game selling platform on PC and if they want their game to be sold and to stay alive (unlike Halo 2…) this is the best to do. Last but not least, they shut down Halo 2’s server but did not shut down Halo’s server, and I can tell you I connected last week and there was at least 100 hundred players online. If that’s no proof Halo also belongs to the computer gaming community I don’t know what that is ;)

  • jim

    the only way i am ever going to play halo is if it is on steam….having said that…i would love the collection they put on xbox one to be on steam i would buy it the moment it came out…and even their later games

  • Nick

    Bring halo to pc Microsoft you will make more money and more happy gamers