How To Play Killing Floor With an Xbox 360 Controller

Posted on by Eric Hoff


Killing Floor is one of the first games I ever purchased on Steam, and still to this day, is probably my favorite zombie horde game I have ever played. Something about the game just grabs me and keeps me coming back for more.

Many PC gamers love the mouse and keyboard controls while others would prefer to game using a controller. Today we are going to explain to you how to Set up an Xbox 360 controller to take place of the mouse and keyboard controls on Killing Floor. Instructions below:

  1. Make a folder and title is Xpabber on your computer. (I like to use the desktop)
  2. Download Xpadder and save it to the folder you have just created.
  3. Inside of the folder you created titled Xpadder, create another folder and title it Profiles.
  4. Click on the following folder XBOX 360 Controller profile and copy all text. Then paste into notepad and save. You will want to save this file to the profiles folder.
  5. Click on the following folder Killing Floor profile and copy all text. Then paste into notepad and save. You will want to save this file to the profiles folder.
  6. Turn on, or as I prefer, plug in your Xbox 360 controller.
  7. Run Xpadder.
  8. Use the start button to go through the next instructions.
  9. You will be asked to choose a location. Choose either option.
  10. When you have loaded the program, click the controller button and click Open. (image below, choose fig. 1)
  11. Head to the Profiles folder and open the file titled XBOX 360 For Windows (Controller).
  12. You should now see a layout with a picture of the controller.
  13. Click the profile icon. (image below, choose fig. 2) Then click Open.
  14. Head to the profiles folder and open the file titled Killing Floor.
  15. At this point, the game will run using your Xbox 360 controller. (button layout below)









  • Bryan

    Going to give this a shot!

    • Eric Hoff

      Let me know how it works out for you.

    • TheMaverickk

      Did this ever end up working, I’ve always wanted to get into the game but since I don’t like abusing a keyboard through extensive play I’ve always preferred playing with controllers. Any help appreciated.

      • Bryan

        Yes, works. It is not nearly as good as native support, as always, so YMMV, but it did work.

  • Neil

    Links now dead… no joy:(

  • Craig Vogt

    well this is completely usless