Welcome to week 4 of the SteamFirst Screenshot game. Last weeks screenshot game featured an image from Dear Esther. Today we are featuring another screen which has been submitted by our author William. Have a look below at the image and tell us what game you think it is from. Be sure to leave your answer in the comment section below.

In 24 hours from making this post I will write the answer underneath the screenshot. What do you win you may be asking… A floating 100 pound paper weight. Now take a look at the screenshot:


So there is your peek at the screenshot… Now name that game.


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  • Benjamin Bye


    • http://www.SteamFirst.com/ Eric Hoff


  • bruno

    That looks like Rage. That game has been on my wishlist for months already and It never gets a discount!

    • http://www.SteamFirst.com/ Eric Hoff

      You got it!