Welcome to week 6 of the SteamFirst screenshot game. Last weeks puzzle proved to be a difficult one, but lets see how you hold up this week. The game is simple. Have a look at the screenshot below and in the comment section, write what game you think the screen is from. In about 24 hours I will update this post with the correct answer.

So, what do you think?



Alice Madness Returns

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  • William Stephens

    I know. But I work here.

    • http://www.SteamFirst.com/ Eric Hoff

      So was your secret guess correct?

      • William Stephens

        Never did get much further than that area. I really should finish that game.

  • http://www.rmvx.org/ Spookeh

    Alice: Madness Returns?

    • http://www.SteamFirst.com/ Eric Hoff

      Answer posted my friend.