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Eric Hoff


Eric is a long time gamer who has placed his gaming focus solely on PC gaming, specifically Steam. With years of website ownership and blogging experience, he decided to team up with his great friend Bryan to create SteamFirst, a community with the sole purpose of sharing Steam and Valve content to those who love and appreciate what these companies have to offer the gaming community.

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Bryan Bellino

bryan-steamfirstSystems Engineer by day, gamer and website hobbyist by night.  What started out as an NES fanatic, migrated to SNES and Genesis, turned the corner to the Xbox has come to the end as a Steamer.  Once I started using Steam I was hooked and decided it was time for my friend Eric and myself to let others in the world know all about what we consider to be the best free gaming service out there.  If you live for Steam sales and purchase games based on cost alone before you even read a review you have found your new home on the net.  Welcome, enjoy your stay, and don’t hesitate to write to us about your love for Steam.

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Authors & Editors:

Anthony Greenblatt

anthony-tofuAspiring professional Starcraft 2 player, video editor and full time student. Anthony’s love of gaming started on Nintendo 64 then evolved to PC which led to Steam and he’s been a fan ever since. Starting out as a comedy personality focusing solely on satire, he decided it was time to get serious and provide viewers with in depth reviews and information once he joined up with SteamFirst. Now a dedicated reviewer, he’s eager to provide SteamFirst visitors with the in-depth Steam/Valve content they crave as well as helping with the site’s mission to better the online gaming community.

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Rich Garner

rich-garner-steamfirstFrom Virginia Beach, hails the abnormally geeky PC gamer known as Rich Garner. A devoted Christian, husband and father, Rich is passionate about family-friendly entertainment and is an advocate for teaching the benefits of gaming to parents (or anyone who would care to listen). A professional developer and skilled designer since 1995, Rich has a keen interest in the evolving industry of game design and tends to focus on user experience and presentation. He is an avid sci-fi fan and loves (almost) anything involving space, robots or both. ​Known as ‘BigDaddyGooose’ on Steam, he can often be found… well, offline actually. But when he IS online, he favors open-ended worlds and creative game play in just about any genre.​ While he will accept ANY challenge, most multiplayer matches involving Rich result in his burning, charred corpse folded backwards around a mash of metal that once resembled some sort of military vehicle. But with style. Always with style.


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William Stephens

Jared Gooch

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J.M. Bohn

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