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Giveaway Closed. Winner announced.

We at SteamFirst have a simple goal, share the love, wonder and awesomeness of our favorite online gaming service. We have many fond stories and experiences that we would love to share, but we are interested in your most enjoyable moment with Steam. And we are giving away a FREE Steam copy of the game Trine 2: Complete Story to our favorite entry.

To enter the contest please comment on this article below:

  1. Commenting in any way on this article will enter you into the drawing to win the Steam title Trine 2 Complete. (Comment is 1 entry)
  2. If you share a story explaining your favorite team experience on Steam your comment will count as 3 entries. (Story comment 3 entries)
  3. Social sharing is always a great way to spread the word about greatness happening on both SteamFirst and Steam itself. Socially share the following to gain an additional entry. (Sharing counts for 1 entry)

@SteamFirst is giving away #Trine2Complete. If you are a true fan of #Steam come join in on the greatness.

All comments must be received by Wednesday Jan. 29, 2014. Winner will be announced on Friday Jan. 31, 2014.

Congrats to Pyriel Atlas Infinity. Your the winner!


  • Pyriel Atlas Infinity

    Where do we enter?

  • Pyriel Atlas Infinity

    Since I dont know where to enter I am posting here. At least I tried.
    I have have been lucky to be with a loving man for 9 years now. 8 of those years was an online relationship. I lived in New York City and him in Louisiana. While talking on Skype was great and all, we would get tired of it but we noticed to kill time we would be playing games on pc. We realized we were both big gamers and in comes Steam! We played every night for as long as we could stay awake. I think the first games was Left for dead but I cant be sure since we played so many games together! We still do and I moved to Louisiana to be with my love! We have our own tastes but do love playing together. Recently we are playing Pay Day 2 ^_^ and plan to play more in the future!

    • Eric Hoff

      Congrats! You are the winner. Please contact us via facebook or twitter to collect your prize. To do so you will need to friend me on steam (EchoThruMe) so I can gift the game to you.

      • Pyriel Atlas Infinity

        Thanks ^_^ I am InfiniteSiren on steam :)

    • Michael Angelo Tiangco

      awwwww congrats

      • Eric Hoff

        More to come brother. Maybe your lucky day is coming.

        • Michael Angelo Tiangco

          hope so thanks :)

  • Preetham Kyanam

    Good luck to all the participants who enter for the giveaway!

  • Preetham Kyanam

    The best team experience I’ve had on Steam is when my buddies and I were playing Prop Hunt on Garry’s Mod. My friends and I kept managing to slip away from the hunters every single time they found us. Countless hours were spent doing this along with TTT, Murder, and the Stalker. When checking on our Skype calls, it could be seen that we had 13 hour calls going on. I GUESS you could say we spend a bit too much time on these games, but whatevs! :D :D :D

  • James Doyle

    cook count me in! Thx guys

  • Michael Angelo Tiangco

    Count me in Goodluck to all of the participants :D

  • Michael Angelo Tiangco

    My best team experience is when Im Playing DOTA 2 with my friends , we share the feelings of winning and being defeated and whatever happens me and my team mates also my ( friends and 2nd family) stay happy and going stronger as a team , in every pub games , rank games and tournaments whatever the results of the games we celebrate when we win and try to improve more , and blame each other when we lose but talk about the the mistake that each of us make and try better the next time thats make my team united as a family and where so happy about it :)

  • Keith Freeman

    Count me in also! GL

  • Eduardo Campos

    count me in!!!!!!!